Glamorized Magazine Cover |

Glamorized Magazine Cover |

Magazines are now the part of today’s society, still there are millions of readers out there who love to read these magazine, and the different publishers make attractive covers along with celebrities on the main page of the magazine to make it a hot selling brand of the month. The magazine cover you can see below is designed by as a part of Glamorized Magazine Project. Though different revisions were placed and the one you can see below was finalized by the client. You are not authorized to download the cover. Need to get your own cover picture, Click Here to Contact

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I am a professional Graphic Designer | Search Engine Optimiser & A International Marketing Professional. I've fallen in love with colors, shapes, curves and letters about 8 years ago. Since then I’m a real perfectionist, & have designed for many known companies, With an Idea on my mind, I can’t sleep until I let my hands to draw it on my canvas.

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